Turn your business into a revenue machine

If you're looking for another generic, useless course, then this is not for you.

The primary battle that every business must face is that of waste. A Harvard study estimated that bad data creates $4 trillion of waste for US companies per year.

Wasted time, effort, and money can compound and cause the downfall of even the most amazing companies.

The problem is that it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the areas of waste within a business. So many things go into the “black box” of data and analytics, and are lost to business owners.

This bundle is designed to help you eliminate the “black box” and get a clear understanding of what is and isn’t working in your business currently and how you can eliminate areas of waste from your organization, narrow your focus to only the most important things, and turn your business into a revenue machine.

We'll show you and your team how to increase confidence in your decision making, get insights into your customers, and scale your business.

There is a $4 trillion opportunity for businesses that can take advantage of data.

Companies like: Air Arabia, Organifi, Hylete, Digital Marketer, and Defyned Brands have already benefited from our expertise.

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Get the tools and skills you need to succeed

We have spent years studying, testing, and implementing these principles and ideas in our own businesses as well as client’s businesses. We have made millions of dollars for ourselves and helped clients generate millions more on their own from these simple practices.

These are not just ideas or theories, these are battle-tested principles that you can rely on to turn your business into a money-printing machine.

This bundle includes:

  • Google Analytics audit

    Our Google Analytics audit will help you pinpoint issues and opportunities within your current tracking setup.

  • Google Analytics setup course

    Our Google Analytics setup course, which will walk you through how to optimize your Google Analytics setup.

  • UTM course

    Our UTM course, which will help you get accurate data on what marketing efforts are driving the best and worst results down to the ad, social post, or video that drove the purchase.

Our UTM course course also comes with a pre-built Excel sheet as well as an online tool to help you create, organize, and track all of your UTMs.

Additionally, you’ll get a free copy of our extremely popular ebook: How to 10X your business using data.

Check out what these things have done for some of our customers:

V.P. of Marketing, Digital Marketer Labs

Molly Pittman

V.P. of Marketing, Digital Marketer Labs

Praxis not only gave us insight into where our most valuable traffic was coming from, they also uncovered a critical issue that we didn’t even know existed! Compared to the previous 9 months, we saw a 57.34% increase in New Users. Thank you for everything you do!
Founder, Less Doing

Ari Meisel

Founder, Less Doing

[My director of operations] has been like a kid with the Christmas Hess Truck since she worked with [Praxis] and started getting our data straight. :)
Partner, Linkvest Capital

Camilo Restrepo

Partner, Linkvest Capital

Praxis is amazing and exceeded our expectations by delivering solutions instead of problems.

What's my investment?

Normally this bundle of courses and services would only be available to our enterprise clients; now we’re making this available to businesses of any size. These courses and services normally would cost $2,741, but we are offering this amazing bundle together for just $697!
By purchasing this bundle, you not only save money, but time, energy, and wasted effort. You could spend months and years learning these things for yourself, or you can avoid all of those headaches and grow your business faster and easier by taking advantage of this offer now.

Additionally, if you purchase this bundle before August, you'll get access to these extra courses as they come out, completely free of charge:

  • Attribution training (An in-depth look at attribution and how to use UTMs in conjunction with Google Analytics reporting)
  • How to 10X your business with data (We're turning our ebook into a course! Learn how to turn your data into revenue)
  • and many more!
Eventually, you will need to clean up and eliminate the “black box” of your business. The longer you put off dealing with it, the harder and costlier the cleanup will be. By cleaning it up now, you can take advantage of the insights hidden within.

If you’re not seeing success after using the principles that we teach here, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.