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This course will teach you everything that you need to know on how to fix any issues that may have been found during the course of your Google Analytics audit.

From installing the tracking code on your website to custom dimensions and metrics, we'll cover it here.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course
    • Welcome to the course
  • 2
    Basic Setup
    • Installing the Google Analytics code on your website
    • Deleting duplicate code
    • Tracking your 404 pages
    • Bounce rate issues
  • 3
    Data Quality
    • Profiles and views
    • Sessions on primary domains vs subdomains
    • Internal/ agency IP addresses filtered
    • Bot filtering
    • Personally identifiable information exclusion
    • Redundant query parameters excluded
    • Time zone set up accurately
    • Currency set up accurately
    • Demographics reporting enabled
    • Cross domain tracking enabled
  • 4
    Marketing Attribution/ Channel Grouping
    • Direct traffic
    • Social referrals
    • Email referrals
    • Self referrals
    • (Not set) attribution
    • Referral spam excluded
    • Mediums with low traffic
    • Payment gateway referrals excluded
    • Custom campaign tracking (UTM) utilized
    • PPC sessions in organic
    • AdWords integration
    • AdWords discrepancies
    • (Other) channel group
    • Custom channel grouping: branded paid search traffic
    • Custom channel grouping
    • Search console linked
    • Third party advertising cost import
  • 5
    Behavior and Goal Tracking
    • User-ID set up
    • Site search set up
    • Content grouping
    • Events
    • Custom dimensions
    • Custom metrics
    • Goals setup
    • Goal and/or ecommerce value assigned
    • Enhanced ecommerce enabled
  • 6
    • Sampling
    • Default page
  • 7
    • Congratulations!

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