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This course will walk you through everything from the basics of UTMs all the way through creating your own. In this course, we will cover: why UTMs are important, the role of attribution, default channel groupings, best practices for UTMs and how to build UTMs
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course
    • START HERE: Introduction to Increasing ROI & UTM Basics
    • Welcome to the UTM tracking basics
  • 2
    Why do UTMs matter?
    • Using UTMs to minimize data discrepancies
  • 3
    Why does attribution matter?
    • How attribution makes UTMs necessary
  • 4
    How do Channel Groupings affect UTMs?
    • Using Default Channel Groupings to your advantage
  • 5
    How do I use UTMs to assign traffic to a Channel?
    • Using UTMs to assign traffic to a Channel
  • 6
    How do I assign UTM parameters?
    • Generating a UTM and parameters
  • 7
    How do I use the UTM Builder?
    • UTM Builder basic training
  • 8
    BONUS: UTM Builder (downloadable content)
    • Track Funnels - Get started in less than 10 seconds.
    • UTM Builder Sheet

Take your data to the next level

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